by Davis L. Gonzalez

[intense_dropcap]A[/intense_dropcap]lbert Einstein is widely credited with this definition of insanity: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If this is an acceptable term for insanity, then I have concluded that we live in a country of lunatics. I’m not just referring to the far-right, bat-shit crazy leaders of the Tea Party, though they are the gold standard when it comes to being certifiable; my conclusion draws on almost every member of the voting public.

As a country we continually seek the answers from a duopoly that only provides the illusion of choice. During my participation in the Occupy movement, I have taken plenty of time for reflection, allowing myself to undergo paradigm shifts on subjects I thought were firmly cemented in good judgment. The results I have come up with are as follows:

I will be voting third party in this election and every one to follow for the foreseeable future. Granted, there are those that feel this is simply throwing away my vote, or worse, that by not supporting one side I aid the other; that this election is too important; or I’m not thinking of the consequences, or any other-worded version of the same scare tactic.

I have thought this out like an informed voter should. Will the next election be less important, as if the direction of the extreme right is all of a sudden going to halt and reverse course? Let it be clear, I believe the Obama/Biden ticket to be vastly better for the country that of Romney/Ryan, but that divide pales in comparison to not wanting a president who supports indefinite detention of its citizens without charge or trial. I believe that supporting a candidate that approves of drone murder is a greater chasm to overcome than the two choices made available by the parties in power. I believe real change involves risk; you will not reap the rewards of playing it safe anymore than sheep on a farm.

Democrats aren’t going to change the structure of politics any more than Republicans are. This is the ugly (and obvious) truth. Instead, I will be the change I seek because, in the end, my actions ate the ones I am responsible for. I encourage everyone to make these tough choices. It will not be easy to take the road less traveled, but if you would take that moment between mocking the ideology of the far right and ignoring the current sins of the left, then (sandwiched in between any accusations of hypocrisy) it is there that you will find a sliver of sanity.