by James C. Henderson

In the criminal age, in this time of corruption
In this age of fiat currencies, gamed economies
failing governments, and a dying planet
I have tried to love you as best I can.

In this time of brutality where the innocent perish
so the cruel may profit, where deceit is ethics
hypocrisy virtue, and all about is darkness
I come to you carrying sunlight on my open palms.

In this age of arrogance and pride, I have purged
my heart of all the shadows it can cast
so I may come to you unburdened, new
on my knees asking, what can I do for you?

All last night I listened to what is wrong
so this morning I can tell you what is right.
In this world of meanness, we are kindness.
In this time of endings, we are the beginning

One thing pure and wholesome
you and me. Not a god and goddess
just human beings trying our best. Not above it
but free of it, beyond civilization’s despoiling touch.

In this age of wealth, let me give you empty arms.
In this time of unemployment and sacrifice
let me pay your lost wages in caresses and kisses.
In this broken time, let us be whole.

In this age of doubt, I am sure of you.
In this age of faith, I believe in you.
A man without a country, I pledge my allegiance to only you.
In this age where nothing is enough, you are all I want.

One thought on “In the Criminal Age

  1. Yes, I want the connection with others who also see what is happening to the world. But I want something else, too. I don’t quite know the right word for it. Revenge comes to mind, but I know that’s not acceptable. Victory perhaps? To defeat them and undo the wrongs they are imposing on the rest of us? That I certainly want. Perhaps someone can help me put it into better words……

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