by Athena M. Henderson

The 1% has decided
that we
the 99%
will die
from hunger
or sickness
or the cold.
That we will not
be educated
or have shelter
or even a place
to hide
from the rain

The 1% has decided
we cannot afford
to feed our children
to educate them
to clothe them.
The 1% desires
we should not
keep our homes
that we
should not
be able to afford
to bury ourselves.
Forget travel
to visit
friends and relatives
or to plan ahead.
The 1% has decided
we will have
no future.
The 1% wants
the future
for themselves.
They want us
to serve it up
on a platter.
The 1% wishes
to eat the earth
until nothing remains
not its beauty
not its bounty
not its promise
not the cry of life
not even the gleam
of their gold.

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  1. Hi Jim, I really like the site. You’ve done a great job! Very clean, simply, uncluttered, very minimalistic! Perfect for the site’s meaning and content. I also like your poems and my mothers as well. Wonderful, Maria

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