by Axel Pätzold

Deep in my heart, I feel we are starting up into a time of “separating
and rectifying spirits”–

we are starting up into a time beyond manipulation, beyond
misusing our power.

Are the proclaimed values of the Western world really appropriate to
create a dignified and honorable life? Are the present situations in our
social world really grown up naturally?
What really happens behind the curtains, behind the walls?

What has been decided there really

while we practice our democracy?
while the wars around the world are explained as necessary?
while the rules, activities and the influence of the banks
grow apace?
while the factories become more and more monopolized and
workers lose their jobs?
Deeper questions are rising more and more.
Evolution and life is more than survival, is more than
struggle, prizefight and emulation, is more than sex and

Come and let us become conscious again about our real bequest—we
are not tractable natures!
I don’t want to be manipulated. I don’t want to be part of a puppet
show because I see the “puppets” acting all days on the strings!
So, first I want to know, what is going on behind the curtains—
and who are the real players behind the walls—I want to know!
In the meantime, while the answers and real facts rise to the
surface—there are the periods of special awareness and deep emotional
engagement, with fears and pressures.
What can I do to keep balanced?

to keep creative?
to keep in my self-esteem and confidence?

I develop my consciousness about my own power—

so I don’t need to control or push down others.

I honor my own deep compassion and empathy for others, but first for

without any guilt-feeling, so it needs no confirmation
from outside steadily.

I trust my own voice inside myself—
so that the answers can rise more and more to consciousness.
It looks like we live in a time of real clarification—showing what was
played behind the curtains over centuries by elite groups. It is rising
now to the surface.
It needs no violent action in the outside. The clear consciousness needs
space and attention!

Deep in my heart, I feel we come to a point where we find back the
balance of our material and spiritual life.